Monday, April 4, 2011

NEW ATS Classes with Teejei at Dance 101!

Big news!  MY teacher, the amazing Teejei of Awalim, will be teaching a mixed-level class in American Tribal Style belly dance starting Monday, April 4th at 7:00 at Dance 101.  This is the only place to learn ATS from a Fatchance-certified instructor inside the Perimeter!

I've been studying ATS with Teejei for about a year, and she's a really wonderful teacher.  I've been a huge fan for years, and I'm really honored to be her student (I keep hoping her beautiful hands and arms will rub off on me).

I'll post more about my experiences with ATS, but suffice it to say that if you want to add it to your dance repertoire, it's a great challenge that can lead to wonderful performance and community experiences.  If you are interested in Tribal fusion, ATS will give you the foundational posture and movements that will make it look and feel authentic.  So come and check out Teejei's new class!

UPDATE:  Amazing turnout last night -- at least 25 people!  Dance 101 is a fabulous studio (if a little noisy), and Teejei's class was in the big open room.  Lots of coin sashes, which to me means lots of ladies who have been studying belly dance and are interested in learning more about Tribal style!  We worked on posture and several foundational moves... review is always a good thing.  Dance 101 is running an anniversary special -- 10 classes for $101, which is as good as it gets!

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