Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poetry Wednesday!

Call of the Drums 
By Lacy Perry

In the clear indigo sky
tiny thrumming suns burn,
the living celestial guides
of bedouins long dead.

My feet beat their path,
a road winding like silk ribbon.
Behind me, a trail of travelers’ gifts
to goddesses long dead.

The stars seem to wink,
reminding me to divine truth
by hearing without ears, the sighs
of passions long dead.

Beats buzz along my flesh,
like warm fingers fluttering
across the tight-strung skin
of animals long dead.

Drums hold sway over the night,
vibrating the crisp air,
living out the rhythms
of drummers long dead.

They pound in my heart,
my soul. My hips, my limbs
flow in a serpentine dance
of priestesses long dead.

I am a vessel, possessed
by music taking physical form.
Weaving through its timeless world,
I am unmistakably alive.

Painting:  "The Belly Dancer," Paul Joanowitch, (born 1859)

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