Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Once again, there are more events than you can shake a tahtib at this coming weekend -- especially Saturday night!  Here's a quick overview of this raqs smorgasbord:

Middle Eastern Music for Bellydancers: 
Zills & Maqamat with Awalim in Athens
I've already blogged about these workshops, of course -- and I'll be pointing my Subaru in the direction of Athens Saturday morning to do lots of zill-playing with Ziah (which I love -- I was a percussionist in high school, and I actually remember playing finger cymbals to an exotic piece by Vaclav Nelhybel) and learning about the subtleties of Middle Eastern music with Majda.  I've had kind of an Athens fetish since my art school days in the 80's, so I am excited about the road trip.

Mad Hatters' Hafla & Open Stage Night at Dune Lounge
Brought to you by the venerable Kira, this is a new concept in haflas.  For a $5 entry fee, you can perform -- not unlike an open mic night, but for belly dancers!  You'll also get a video recording of your performance, I believe.  There will be drumming and dancing all night, with a drum circle starting at 10:00.  Oh, and I think you're expected to wear a hat!  Click here for more info.

Jahara Phoenix at Collaborations Atlanta
This is another new performance event that may become an ongoing series. Jahara Phoenix will bring their finesse, creativity and sass to The Beam on Glenwood Avenue, as artists, poets, musicians, and dancers present collaborative performances.  Sounds like some very cool stuff could happen!  Tickets are $10 -- visit the Facebook event page for more info. 

Aya at Nicola's
Every weekend night at Nicola's is a party, and a chance to see Aya perform is a real treat.  If you know me, you know that Aya was my teacher for several years and I was a member of her troupe, Ayaat.  She is a graceful performer and a truly warm, gracious restaurant dancer who connects with every member of the audience.  

I have been very flattered a few times to hear people use the word "graceful" when complimenting me on a performance, and I believe I owe much of that to Aya and her uniquely flowing style of dance.  If you haven't seen Aya perform recently, this Saturday is your chance!

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