Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Experience the Magic of Live Music, July 16th!

Zoe Jakes performs with members of the
Day Late & Dollar Shortkesta at TribalCon 2011
There's no disputing the fact that live music makes dance more exciting... whether you're watching a performance with a live band or dancing socially to live music at a hafla.  The interactions between the musicians and the performers, the air of spontaneity, and the possibility that something unexpected can happen at any moment -- all of these factors make the experience that much more interesting and entertaining.

Many cities are fortunate to have thriving communities of musicians who specialize in Middle Eastern, Balkan, Central European, Romany, Indian, and other music that lends itself to various forms of Oriental dance.  Surprisingly, Atlanta is not really one of those places.

However, we are fortunate to have a passionate enthusiast and expert on Middle Eastern music in the person of Majda Anwar.  In addition to her considerable talents as a performer, Majda is pretty much on a personal mission to bring more live music to the stages, classrooms, and haflas of metro Atlanta.  On July 16th at the Red Light Cafe, Majda and Awalim will be presenting a truly unique evening of performances, with live music accompaniment from beginning to end -- a TribalCarnivale Extraordinaire!

Melanie Parker
The evening will kick off at 9:00 with Wasted Wine from Greenville, SC.  This two-man ensemble, described by one newspaper as "the lovechild of Tom Waits and the Decemberists," will accompany several dance performances.  You may have seen them in last year's Halloween show.

Then the Day Late & Dollar Shortkestra will take the stage!  This collective, loosely based in Columbia, SC (I believe), meets up wherever they can to play amazing music together.  Featuring Natalie Brown, Glenn Weinstein, and the great Darbuka Dave along with Majda herself, the Shortkestra will be playing all sorts of music to accompany some of the area's most accomplished performers.  At the moment, the lineup includes Awalim, Jahara Phoenix, Kira Lang, Melanie Parker, Zaina Zahra, and Banat Almeh -- along with Natalie Brown of Delirium Tribal, who will put her flute down long enough to dance.

RSVP to the Facebook event to keep abreast of all the updates on this one-of-a-kind show!  Tickets are just $13 in advance -- get yours here.

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