Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plan Your Saturday!

Yes, it's another weekend with lots of belly dance activities to choose from here in Atlanta!  Last weekend's post contains all the details and ticket links for the Awalim workshop at AFBD and the shows produced by Jendayi in Marietta and Natakiya in the Athens area.  Now we can add some breaking news about a great way to cap off a day of dance -- Aya's birthday party at Taverna Plaka!

So here's a quick rundown of this Saturday's events:

Majda of Awalim
2:00 - 4:00 at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance is the second in the Awalim Dance Company series of Foundation Revelations workshops.  This one is all about using your body more efficiently for better endurance -- tips and drills that will help any dancer.  Only $35 at the door or $30 in advance here!

At 7:00, it's the Bellydance Troupe Appreciation show at the Art Place Mountain View in Marietta.  The more I hear about this show, the more I'm looking forward to attending!  I expect a great mix of performances from troupes based in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.

Also going on Saturday evening at 7:30 in Bishop, GA (near Athens) is the Kangari Tribal Dance Company student recital at the Portico.  Kangari is led by my Banat Almeh troupemate Natakiya, whose generous and creative spirit flows in many directions and touches many people.

And finally, around 11:00, Aya's birthday party at Taverna Plaka will bring the night to a close in true belly dance style!  Let's hope Inara and Aziza, who will be performing at Plaka that night, stay for the party.  Everyone's invited to come out to Plaka and celebrate with Aya of Istanbul!


  1. I'm a week or two late, but Debbie's mom will be in town until the end of July, helping her and Neil plan for the wedding. In case she's interested in the exotic eastern art of belly-dancing, do y'all have any gigs lined up?

  2. Hi, Ryan! I'm not performing in it, but there will be an AWESOME show at the Red Light on the 16th. All live music!