Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awalim's "Foundation Revelations" Workshop Series Wraps Up This Saturday

Aziza, Majda and Ziah of Awalim Dance Company
This Saturday, July 9, Awalim Dance Company will wrap up their three-part workshop series at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance with "How to Simplify What Seems Complex."  The goal of this workshop is to give you the tools to get the most out of your investment in other  workshops!  Ever been to an expensive workshop and spent much of your time just trying to figure out what the famous dancer at the front of the room is doing?  Ever gotten home from a workshop and realized that you've already forgotten most of what you learned -- and don't really know how to integrate what you do remember into your own dance practice?

Awalim is here to help.  In this workshop, you will learn:
  • How to discern what a dancer's feet are doing -- common footwork patterns to recognize and simplify. Stop being frustrated with the basic portions of workshops so that you can really grab the essence of what an instructor is trying to convey!
  • How to break dance down into simple parts to make class and workshops you attend fit together and be more relevant to each other. You will receive tools to better understand how simple this can all be.
Don't miss this workshop at the beautiful AFBD studios, this Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Click here to register!

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