Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ATS in the ATL... ITP!

If you understand the title of this post, you are exactly the kind of person who needs to know about the new ATS session with Ziah of Awalim in Oakhurst on Wednesday nights, beginning November 30th!

With Teejei now living in Knoxville, there's been a gap in the availability of American Tribal Style instruction inside the Perimeter (aka ITP).  Ziah will be testing the waters with a three-week mini-session on Wednesday nights at Barefoot n Motion Dance Academy in Oakhurst.  If the response is good enough, ATS classes will continue on Wednesday nights, and students will have opportunities to perform!

Ziah will offer two classes each Wednesday during this three-week intensive:
7:30-8:30pm  Improvisational Choreography/ATS Foundations
8:30-9:30pm  Improvisational Choreography/ATS Working in Groups (for dancers with more ATS experience... though adventurous beginners will want to give it a try, since group formations are a critical part of the dance form)

Click here to learn more and pre-register for this special three-week ATS intensive!

Check out this video of a beautiful ATS duet featuring Ziah and Majda of Awalim, showcasing a lot of the beautiful slow moves... and if you're new to ATS, keep in mind that this is 100% improvised!

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