Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alicia is Coming This Weekend!

Alicia (photo: Lotus Dance Studio)
This weekend, Alicia of BellyCraft is in town for workshops and a show brought to us by World Belly Dance Alliance.  Hailing from south Florida, Alicia is a second-generation belly dancer who has become fluent in the darker side of tribal fusion. 

Alicia will bring her skills to Pera this weekend with a series of workshops, and she'll be performing in a show Saturday night that is shaping up to be a big event for the metro Atlanta community!  Lots of local performers will be strutting their stuff, including Jenny of WBDA, Amani Jabril, Heleshia, Tamara, Jendayi Dance Company, Holly, Mina, Tamar, Kumari, Mariana, Nawar Azhara, Amina, and Lacy Perry.

Visit the WBDA Web site for more information and to purchase workshop registrations or show tickets!  RSVP to the workshop Facebook event for all the latest updates!

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