Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awalim Performs at Arts Exchange Benefit This Saturday

I suppose the Shameless Plug Department is still in control... but really, this is going to be a cool event!  It's a benefit for the Arts Exchange called "All 4/1 Artsextravanganza," going on both Saturday and Sunday.  Awalim (with a posse of apprentice dancers, including me) will be doing informal outdoor performances (weather permitting) starting Saturday afternoon, then we'll be doing a full-blown set on the stage at about 8:30 Saturday night!  We'll be followed by the Imperial Opa Circus, and preceded by several performances, including some of metro Atlanta's most talented spoken-word performers.

Officially, this festival is billed as a weekend multi-arts performance festival to benefit The Arts Exchange and inaugurate the Friends of the Paul Robeson Theatre support group.

The Arts Exchange is at 750 Kalb Street SE, Atlanta, GA 30312.  It's a former school, converted to artist studios.  I've been to several parties there, and it's very cool!