Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't Miss the Crossroads & Origins Show!

Rina Orellana (photo
Tickets are still available for what will be an amazing show on Saturday, July 14 in Avondale Estates!  The centerpiece of the Crossroads & Origins weekend intensive will feature performances by all three workshop instructors, as well as some of the most amazing talent from throughout the Southeast.

The show is at Academy Theater in downtown Avondale Estates.  Doors open at 7:00 and the show will start at 8:00.  Click here to get your advance tickets for just $20!

Don't miss your chance to see...

Rina Orellana
If you're a student, teacher, or performer of American Tribal Style®, I seriously expect to see your smiling face in the audience, because we'll have a rare chance to see original FatChance member Rina Orellana perform el baile flamenco.  Admit it -- one of the most awesome things about ATS is that you get to pretend you're a Flamencita during many of the slow moves!

Donna Mejia
Donna Mejia
If you've experienced Donna's workshops, lectures, and performances at TribalCon and other events, you'll know that any and all of the above can be a truly significant moment in your life.  To me, one of the most wonderful things about Donna is that her work as an educator has helped bring belly dance -- and tribal fusion in particular -- into the overall world of dance, and drive respect for the form throughout the dance community.  Oh, and her performance are electrifying!

Lee Ali
A legend of both 1970s and contemporary belly dance who has been performing since her teens, Lee Ali is a unique performer, teacher, musician, lecturer, and community leader who rarely visits our area.  She is an expert in Greek, North African, and trance forms, as well as classic raqs sharqi.  I hear that Lee will present a classic 1970s raqs routine, taking us back to the golden era of the Middle Eastern clubs that had their epicenter in North Beach.

Lee Ali

In addition to these amazing performers, the Crossroads & Origins show will feature some of the most talented dancers from metro Atlanta and throughout the Southeast, including:
  • Awalim Dance Company
  • Banat Almeh (my troupe!)
  • Christy Anandaconda
  • Halleyah
  • Jahara Phoenix Dance Company
  • Jenny Nichols & Holley Avey
  • Maria Palacio (Charlotte, NC)
  • Natalie Brown of Delirium Tribal & Alternacirque (Columbia, SC)
  • Rafiah Dance Company of Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance
  • Teejei Brigham, formerly of Awalim and now teaching and performing in Asheville, NC
See you there!

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