Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Master Class with Amani Jabril this Saturday

Amani Jabril
If you're an experienced dancer and want to learn more about authentic contemporary Egyptian stylization, don't miss your chance to study with a local master of the art, Amani Jabril!

This Saturday from 10 to 12 at Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance, Amani offers "Egyptian Basics for the Advanced Dancer!
Technique & Combinations."  This class will focus on giving the advanced belly dancer insights into the techniques used by Egyptian dancers and creating that silky, yet powerful “Egyptian” styling.

Created from Amani’s own experience performing and studying Raqs Sharqi in the Middle East, the class will focus on detailed aspects of the movements – namely, posture and carriage, timing, footwork and that unique Egyptian use of muscular movement to power the dance.

This workshop is a follow-up to Amani's session in April -- if you attended that workshop, there's a $5 discount on the $35 price of admission to this weekend's class.  Pre-registration is required -- click here to reserve your spot!

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