Friday, November 30, 2012

2013 Workshop Preview

We can expect lots of exciting events in 2013!  Here's a quick preview of the workshops featuring internationally-recognized instructors and performers that have been scheduled so far.  See anything missing?  Let us know!

January 19-21
Suhaila Salimpour Workshops with Level 1 Certification
Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance

February 14-17
Instructors include Donna Mejia, Zoe Jakes, April Rose, Lacey Sanchez, Onca O'Leary, Natalie Brown, Carmine Guida, Dave Machek, and many more 
Ziah & Awalim Dance Company

March 8-10 
Anasma & Beat Box Guitar -- "Collaboration & Creation: The Edge of Music & Dance"
World Belly Dance Alliance

April 19-21
Kaleidoscope 2013
Mohamed Shahin & Myra Krien (register here)
Global Dance (Zaia Hadiyyah & Liezel Lane)

April 20-21
"Gems of the South" Belly Dance Competition 
Judges and instructors include Princess Farhana, Shoshanna Rose, Amani Jabril, and more
Mina & Dalloua Dance

May 24-26
The Second Dancer's Intensive: Crafting the Art of Dance
Drummer George Sadak, Amani Jabril, and Samira Shuruk
Amani Jabril

July 13-14
Crossroads & Origins
Artemis Mourat & Amel Tafsout
Ziah & Awalim Dance Company

August 3-4
Workshop with Naima Sultana
World Belly Dance Alliance

September 6-8
The Essence of Bellydance 3
Amar Gamal, Jill Parker, Mira Betz, and Sadie Marquardt
Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance

November 1-3
Certification Workshop with Unmata 
Atlanta Fusion Belly Dance

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