Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Four P's of Marketing for Belly Dance: Part 3

The Fourth "P:" PLACEMENT
Placement (or distribution) is how the product gets to the consumer. Obviously, for consumer packaged goods companies like Coke, having products on the shelf and available to consumers is essential to success.

One of the phrases commonly used at Coke is “within an arm’s reach of desire.” The company began applying that principle during World War II, and we’ve all seen their growth since then. In the belly dance world, this concept is especially applicable to events and classes – where and when the consumer will experience your product. These elements are important – and just like pricing, they are intrinsically connected to the appeal of the product.

How do you know you have the right placement?
  • Again, you must have an objective sense of how "convenient" your location is.  We all know that people will drive hours to study with a nationally or internationally famous dancer. However, most people – especially in metro Atlanta, which is notorious for traffic problems – will not go far out of their way for weekly classes or workshops with less well-known performers.
  •  You must also schedule your event at a time when people will be free (and have the funds) to attend. Check your local event calendars and Facebook events. Check the web sites of other event producers in your area. Consider holidays and vacations, of course. Find the “white space” where there is limited competition for your customers’ time and money.
Now check out the the final P... the one everyone thinks of when they think of "marketing":  PROMOTION.

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