Thursday, June 13, 2013

Preview: Crossroads & Origins

Amel Tafsout (photo by Najmat)
Crossroads & Origins is coming up July 13 & 14 (kicking off the evening of Friday, July 12).  Following up on last year's spectacular workshops and show with Donna Mejia, Lee Ali, and Rina Orellana, this year Ziah of Awalim Dance Company brings us Amel Tafsout and Artemis Mourat.

To create a true intensive atmosphere, only full-weekend passes are available.  For $250, attendees can experience:
Artemis Mourat
  • A lecture and healing workshop with Amel Friday evening, using elements of Sufism (including the Hadra) as well as Zar movements for a session of whirling and trance dance.  (Note:  I experienced a very powerful healing session with Amel at TribOriginal last year.)
  • Workshops with Amel in two forms of North African tribal dance, traditional Tunisian dance and Algerian Nayali (the dance of the famed Ouled Nayl)
  • Workshops with Artemis Mourat in Turkish Oriental dance and Turkish Romany dance
  • A lecture with Artemis, who is a leading scholar of our art form, on the history of belly dance
  • A group discussion with both instructors
  • A gala show Saturday night, featuring both instructors, top local and regional talent, and live music
This is going to be an amazing experience, especially for those interested in really absorbing the history, culture, and context of our dance.  These two women carry a vast amount of knowledge -- plus they're both full of amazing energy!

Workshops will take place at Muse for Life, just off Roswell Road in Sandy Springs.  Discussions and the show will be across the street at Steve's Live Music.
Right now, there's a special discount if you also register for TribalCon 2014 (or if you've already done so).  Get 15% off both events -- click here for how to get the deal!

Hope to see you at Crossroads & Origins!

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