Thursday, October 3, 2019

It's Been Fun!

Hello, metro Atlanta belly dance enthusiasts! After eight years, I've decided that I will no longer be updating this website or calendar. When I started Yalla, Y'all! I was addressing a need in this community for a central source of information about raqs events in north Georgia. The belly dance community at that time was thriving and still growing, and there were workshops and shows several times a month. However, the community tended to be divided by geography (ITP/OTP is a big deal in Atlanta), style ("tribal people" tended to not know much about "cabaret" events and vice versa), and troupe/studio loyalty. Many event promoters did not have strong marketing skills and Facebook had not been fully adopted at the time.

Now, the community is smaller (for better or worse -- some would argue that it's for the better, but that's a different conversation), there are only a few major events per year, and the event organizers who are still in business are better at marketing.

I encourage anyone reading this to continue supporting the classes, workshops, shows, performances, haflas, and other events that are still happening in this community. I look forward to seeing you onstage or in the audience!

Thank you so much for your support for Yalla Y'all.